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Get the Look – Face Painting & Product Safety

Get the Look – Face Painting & Product Safety

Face Painting & Product Safety


We love the ability to create and transform through make-up. Face Painting is one of the most widely loved techniques that is fun for all ages. Did you know that Kryolan Aquacolor is the only approved face paint used within kindergarten primary schools across all major European countries? 


Let's take a closer look at Aquacolor and Supracolor for all of your Face Painting needs. 



This glycerin-based compact make-up, especially colour-intensive, with ingredients of superior-quality skin cream preparations. Safe to use on the face and body, Aquacolors application is effortless, slightly moisten a make-sponge or your favourite brush and pick up enough colour to create your desired intensity. 

So easy to apply, set with Fixing Spray for long-lasting, smudge-proof results. We love the extensive range of colours to choose from in the range. 




This full-coverage cream foundation has a high pigment content of up to 44%. Its silky consistency, made from a combination of pigment, waxes and oils, allows for excellent coverage while retaining a relatively fine layer. 

Supracolor is successfully used not only for everyday make-up but also for bright colour effects. We do recommend setting with a powder for increased durability.



Complete the Look 

When creating your face painting masterpiece, we recommend adding some additional tools and products to your kit to help you complete the look.  



Our Faceliners are soft textured pencils suitable for use on the face, eyes, lips and body. Create additional designs for your creation with this fantastic pencil. Safe to use in the waterline to add more definition to the eye area and through the brows for extra precision and power!


Non-Latex Sponges

A must-have in your kit, these sponges are great to apply product to larger areas of the face and body to speed up your application. 


We recommend our Illusion Brush range for body painting and our fabulous Training Brush Sets to give you a full range of brushes to create your face painting looks. Small flat brushes, angled brushes right through to blending, and foundation brushes will give you various options, strokes, lines and styles to nail your look.




The Aquacolor formula does dry down and doesn't need setting, but a Fixing Spray will keep it fresh and flawless all day! Using a Setting Powder for our Supracolor formula will give your beautiful design longevity and create a smudge-proof layer.




Don't forget… your Make-up Cape! It's an artist essential to help keep your clients clothing protected as you work your magic.


Arming yourself with Kryolans professional grade of products will give you peace of mind that what you are using on your clients is safe for their face and body. Suitable for all skin types and safe to be applied around the mouth and eyes, you are in good hands with your Kryolan kit.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post; we look forward to sharing more tips and tricks with you in our next update.


The Kryolan Education Team