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Get the Look – Going Bald for Halloween

Get the Look – Going Bald for Halloween

Working in theatre, stage and screen or as a freelance make-up artist working on a client going to a fancy-dress party, follow our simple steps below to create an effective bald cap effect.

Step 1
Prep hair to lay flat under the bald cap. For this, you will need to do a hair wrap. Brush through damp hair to ensure it is smooth and untangled; this will help to make the hair lay flat.

Take a tail comb to divide the hair into a middle parting. Take one side section and sweep it around the front of the forehead using GF-Qat. The GF-Qat will allow you to secure all the hairs tightly and, once dry, hold the hair in place. Make sure the hair is smooth behind the ear.

Join the smoothed section into the second section and follow around the head to overlap the first wrapped section. Use GF-Qat through the second section wrap to hold in place. Once wrapped, apply light heat from a hairdryer to set.

Step 2
For this look, we used a Large Glatzan Blad Cap. This bald cap is perfect for a natural finish with easily blended edges that appear seamless.

To apply the bald cap, place your hands inside and gently release any creases; this also helps to slightly warm up the bald cap, allowing it to be more flexible, stretchable and make the application easier whilst avoiding any tears.

Step 3
Fit the cap onto the head from front to the back and adjust it to fit comfortably and tightly. Ask your model to place their index and middle fingers into the front of the bald cap. This will hold it in the correct place while you pull it down over the back of the head. The bald cap should be stretched over the head to avoid wrinkles or folds over the hair or hairline

Step 4
Once in place, you can either take a cotton bud with Acetone and melt it from the centre of the forehead to the end of the bald cap or carefully cut through the centre up to your chosen edge line. This will allow the face to be exposed and leaving you a flap of Glatzan to apply adhesive.

Step 5
Apply liquid Pros-Aide onto the front of the hairline and to the free flap of the cap. Wait until the Pros-Aide is clear, and press the flap against the hairline for roughly 30 seconds.

Step 6
Next, using Acetone and a cotton bud, melt away the Glatzan around the ears and pull the ears through the bald cap. Glue the edges down using the Pros-Aide as before, ensuring the edges are smooth and secure.

Step 7
To attach the back, ask the model to look down, stretching the skin and bald cap to stop wrinkling or folding. Apply the Pros-Aide once again around the hairline and pull the bald cap down over the application smoothing it into place as you go to prevent wrinkles.

Step 8
Once the adhesive has set and the bald cap is secure, begin to dissolve the edges by taking a cotton bud soaked with Acetone and blend away any unglued edges into the natural skin for a seamless finish.

Once the bald cap is secured, you can then stipple Pros-Aide around the edges and over the bald cap to strengthen the application and give a natural texture. Perfect for applying colour once dried.

If you follow the steps above using the correct techniques and products, you will achieve a fabulous bald effect that will allow you to truly transform your character.

Follow us for more tips and techniques as we approach the fabulous time of year that is Halloween.
The Kryolan Education Team.