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For Men

Anti-aging skin care especially for men’s skin An alluring fragrance and efficient skin care that is tailored to the structure of masculine skin. It contains excellent quality ingredients, effective formulations and luxurious textures that are easy to use. The DermoConfort products make up a “service package” to give skin a more toned and dense look with a smooth micro relief: Active ingredients that reduce lines have been provided with an intensive moisturizing effect and give skin more firmness and elasticity. This prevents the signs of premature skin aging. Active ingredients for comfort round off the concept and are essential for the feel-good factor. homme products bring men quickly, effectively and easily directly to their goal in a masculine way!

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  1. Jean d'Arcel Anti-Aging Gel Cream SKU: JD1579
    Rich, soft anti-aging skin-care cream that combines wrinkle reducing agents with a long-term moisturizing effect and gives the skin more firmness and elasticity. The skin’s firm, tight appearance and smooth micro-relief are evidence of the fact that the elastic fibers are optimally linked and that the skin is optimally absorbing the high-quality vegetable oils and selected skin-care factors. Learn More
  2. Jean d'Arcel After Shave Moisturizer SKU: JD1578
    Non alcoholic, subtly scented skincare emulsion which provides immediate and long-lasting relief from irritation, redness and burning of the skin after shaving. A long-term moisturizing effect in combination with cooling aloe vera keeps all the skin’s important functions intact, while natural saccharides increase the skin barrier’s protective powers against external influences. The elastic-soft feeling of the skin demonstrates that the skin’s micro-relief and structure can be optimized – even on sensitive Skin. Learn More
  3. Jean d'Arcel Anti Aging Fluid SKU: JD1135

    Quick absorbing anti-aging skin care specially formulated for skin that tends to be oily. Wrinklereducing ingredients give the skin more firmness, while the longterm moisture effect increases its suppleness and elasticity. The skin’s firm, tight appearance and smooth micro-relief reduce the signs of natural aging. Highquality skin-care factors balance the skin’s equilibrium and sebum production.

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