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Jean d'Arcel Dermal Whitening Concentrate

Concentrate to treat pigmentation

Highly effective whitening concentrate enriched with an innovative whitening complex and vitamin C. This effectively reduces age and light related pigment
spots targeting the factors that activate melanin production. Within 3 weeks the formation of melanin is significantly reduced.

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An innovative active whitening complex that effectively accelerates the breakdown of existing melanin and excessive keratinization. Enriched with vitamin C, reduces age- and light-related pigment spots, increases collagen production and the skin's resilience. Infused with Larch tree extract for enhancing moisture levels the complexion is more even and radiant.

Suitable for all skin types

Application tips

1. Apply the whitening concentrate daily on cleansed skin in the evening.

2. It is recommended to use the Dermal Whitening Cream for optimum results.

3. For a combination of anti-aging benefits use the Dermal Age Defy Rich for normal to dry skin type or the Dermal Age Defy Light for combination to oily skin types.


• Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, increases collagen production and brightens the skin.

• Studies show that with daily application in 3 weeks the complexion is bright, radiant and more firm.

• Larch tree extract maintains moisture and strengthens the skin barrier.

• Innovative whitening complex that breaks down excessive melanin production.

Product size

• 30ml


Whitening complex, Larch tree extract, Natrulon, Brassica Napus extract, Daisy, Arbutin, Vitamin C.

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